Selected roadies from Pune auditions: Roadies X1

MTV Hero Roadies X1 conducted auditions in Pune this year and received tremendous support from Pune and other people across country who traveled to Pune for their chance in getting Roadies journey.

This year from Pune only one contestant got selected from Pune auditions. Here is the audition video and photo of Rajkumar who got selected from Pune in Roadies 11:

Rajkumar from Pune auditions:

 Rajkumar danced to show his talent on the show.

Selected contestants from Chandigarh Auditions: Roadies X1

Every year Hero MTV Roadies choose several interesting contestant from Chandigarh in their show. This year also,l three contestant got elected in Roadie X1 "Ride for Respect", from Chandigarh audition.

Here is the list of roadie who got selected from Chandigarh Audition in Roadie 11:

1. Meher

Must watch Meher's Roadies audition in Chandigarh:
2. Utkarsh Khanna

Must watch Utkarsh's Roadies audition in Chandigarh:
3. Anjali 

Watch Anjali's audition video in Roadies X1 in Chandigarh:

Garima Bhateja Roadies X1

Garima who got selected in MTV Hero Roadies season 11 is from Roorkee and her full name is Garima Bhateja. Garima used to ride bullet which made her nick name as Garima Bulletwali. She got selected among 14 contestants in the show while Delhi auditions. With her total 7 contestants got selected from Delhi in Roadies 11.

Here is an exclusive unseen photo of Garima Bhateja with Ayushman Khurana:

Selected Roadies from Delhi Auditions: Roadies X1 (Season 11)

MTV Hero Roadies came with a bang with all-new 11th season of the series Roadies X1. It has finished with the Delhi auditions and total seven contestants have been selected from Delhi auditions. Here is the list of selected roadies from Delhi audition with their interesting photos from the auditions:

1.  Garima (Bullet-wali)

2. Rashika Singh

3. Ajay

4. Montek

5. Charu

6. Taru

7. Nick
Nick got inspired from his last audition in Roadies 10 and have lost enormous amount of weight and came back being fit and fine to get selected in this season of MTV Hero Roadies.