Bigg Boss 6 Expected Candidates (Contestants) Names

Here is an exclusive first list of candidates who may enter in the Bigg Boss season 6 house. This season is expected to be more popular as previous one because of international celebrities presence in the house.

International star Kim Kardashian is on the top of the list for the members of the house of Big Boss 6.

Sayali Bhagat who turned actress after modeling may also enter as a contestant in Bigg Boss season 6.
Nupur Mehta who got in-famous due to her name match fixing topic.
Poonam Pandey who promised to show-off after India's World Cup win is also on the top of the list to enter in the bigg boss house this year.

Haunted House Girls Freaking Funny Faces Photos

Here are some hilarious freaked out faces of girls and guys in haunted houses. These funny and hilarious photos has been captured inside haunted house. Girls in scary house fearful faces funny photos.

Funny faces of girls in haunted house of Canada

Haunted House Fear Faces Hilarious Photos

Here are some hilarious photos of people in Haunted house with their fear full funny faces.

The Nightmare Fear Factory a major source of attraction as haunted house in Niagara Falls, Canada captured fear photos of people screaming inside the house. They picked these pics at climactic scare moment.

Veena Jamkar Looks Like Vidya Balan Photos

Veena Jamkar who is a Marathi Actress is getting appraisals from around the world for sharing close resemblance with Bollywood's actress Vidya Balan. Veena looks like a duplicate of Vidya Balan as her face totally looks like that of Vidya Balan.

Veena works and share's her experience in Marathi cinema and is very renowned personality in M-Town.

Aishwarya Rai With Baby Photos: Aaradhya's Face Close Up

Here are some exclusive photos of Bollywood's actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's baby face close-up photos. Aaradya Bachchan and Aish spotted recently and luckily cameras got the first snap of her baby's face. Whole Bachchan family tried not to reveal any kind of photos of their Aaradya in media.

 Here is the close-up photo of Aarashya Bachchan's face for the first time.
Aishwarya Rai trying to cover and protecting her baby for the eyes and cameras of media.

Animals inside Womb (stomach) of their Mother: Rare and Unseen Amazing Photos

Here are some exclusive photos of animals inside their mother's womb and really amazing and wonderful. They look so cute and pink during their initial stages of development inside womb. These are real photos of animals inside their mother's womb and have been shot through a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to give exact process of making an infant inside womb.

 Dolphin photo inside womb
Baby Elephant inside womb
Penguin inside womb

Baby puppy inside its mother stomach
Baby Shark
Face of dog inside womb

Lord Ganesh Covers for Facebook Timeline

Here are some best facebook timeline profile covers specially for Ganesh Chaturthi. May Lord Ganesha bless you all with his grace and make your life enjoyable and fruitful.

Sashaa Agha Daughter of Salma Agha Biography and Photos

Sasha Agha has changed her name from Zara Agha. She is a daughter of Pakistani singer Salma Agha. Sashaa is all set to make her appearance in Hindi film industry through her good looks and appealing personality.

Sasha previously got into news due to her clips which were made public but soon after that she admits that she knew that guy and is a friend of mine, to hold the buzz. She is all set to start from the beginning and is backed up by her mother to set a good steeping stone in Bollywood.

Here are some photos of Sasha or Zara Khan Agha...