Selected Roadies X Contestants and X-Roadies Names and Photos

In this 10th season of Roadies X a new plot has been introduced. This year, previous X Roadies will compete with the new roadies contestants selected. The new selected contestants will be in Ranvijay's team who will compete with the creator of the Roadies Raghu and his team having experienced X roadies.

Selected contestants from Delhi Auditions in Roadies X (Season 10):
  • Vikas Kumar
  • Sonal
  • Ramandeep Kothal
  • Swati
  • Harmeet Singh
Selected contestants from Hyderabad Auditions:
  • Gaurav Singh
Selected contestants from Chandigarh Auditions:
  • Geetika Budhiraja
 Selected contestants from Pune Auditions:
  • Jahi
And the name of contestants from previous season of Roadies are:

MTV Roadies 4     Roopali Anand
MTV Roadies 6     1) Palak Johal    2) Roop Bhinder
MTV Roadies 8     1) Suchit Vikram Singh     2) Mohit Saggar     3) Avtar Nischal
MTV Roadies 9     1) Anirudh Sharma     2) Diyali Chauhan

Geetika Budhiraja Roadies X: Rare and Unseen Photos

Geetika Budhiraja aka Geet got selected as a contestant in Hero Roadies 10 this year. She also gave the auditions from Delhi in Roadies 9 but at that time she was just few days short of completing the age criteria i.e 18 years to be on the show.

She again tried in 10th season of roadies and got through the GD round and then personal interviews of roadies. This year she got selected as contestant from Chandigarh. Roadie Geetika has keen interest in dancing and she is a law student.

She is just 18 years old and will be among the youngest ever roadies contestant. It will be very interesting how she reacts and handles the situation in the Roadies X journey in which X-Roadies will also be a part of the show and will be in Raghu's team.

Here are some exclusive real life rare and unseen photos of Geetika Budhiraja, we wish her all the very best for Roadies X.

Selected Contestant From Hyderabad Auditions: Gaurav Roadies X

Gaurav Singh is the only contestant who got selected in Hero Roadies X. This year also thousands of contestants came at Hyderabad to try their luck for being a part of 10th season of Roadies 10.

From all those thousand contestants Gaurav Singh made through the selection process and is now a part of the team of Ranvijay.

Gaurav is a BA student and is in 2nd year of the same. He does Wushu which is a kind of martial arts. Here are some photos of Gaurav Singh, selected from Hyderabad auditions of Roadies 10 and the video of his interview.