Virgo (August 24 to September 23) General Predictions and Characteristics

VIRGO: fairy godmother: HABETROT
Born in Virgo: (from August 24 to September 23).

The Alliance of the Sun and mercury, will provide progress in business, above all in the related sciences, with the units of measure or the numbers these native Americans.
The fairy of this sign has the characteristics of an unpleasant old woman, with teeth in poor condition, elongated nose, gray and tangled hair.
He is protective of the spinners and helps them in their tasks. Its main strengths are solidarity, logical mindset and tenacity.
From small children who take 10 in all, fulfill all its tasks and play freely without fear to get dirty they are. They tend to be obsessive in their work and activities.
His conduct is methodical, since they worship the order and method, therefore intend to all act in the same way that they do, otherwise they are able to criticize harshly to those that do not match this attitude. These natives are well planted in this world by mastering the element of Earth. Love to perform activities such as service to the needy, the psychology and social assistance.

To obtain the favors of this fairy natives must sit on a perforated stone, which is where they inhabit these fairy tales, and there - to invoke them, pronouncing his name. The more negative aspects of these natives are related to intolerance, competitiveness and the criticism of others.
They must behave in the best way possible and with humility, trying to not devalued to others.

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