Aries (from March 22 to April 20) General Features and Characteristics

Born in Aries: (from March 22 to April 20).

In this sign combine Sun and Mars, are strong planets and fire. Her fairy godmother helps to fight against opponents and be the leader in a group.
This binomial sets have a continuous motion, all momentum and action.
This fairy this represented by a small young woman, from cheeky nose, red loops, dressed in green and wearing a conical hat, offers of generosity and joy.
The Arians children were born to submit, govern, Act, and conquer.
They refuse to everything from his cradle and want to enforce their wishes on others. Now adults, will defend its ideals and become strong competitors in the best positions.
The decision, courage, honesty, leadership and the greatness of heart they have as primordial gifts. The Arians must correct this taste of leading others and do it without any reserve, such selfish behavior and that impatience that can lead them to lose more than one opportunity. They must avoid the possessiveness and jealousy with their affection and with your partner. They should also control the aggressiveness and hostility that happens them when challenges exceeded its forces and feel discouraged. To make progress in all land of life must have a more open position, should not be isolated and anger should be changed by the love of neighbor.
To obtain the favors of this fairy, can be an offering of small apples, that will be placed in the branches of some trees.

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