Sonal Sharma Roadies X Rare and Unseen Photos

Sonal Sharma who is among the finalist of Roadies X is really beautiful and dedicated girl in real life. Apart from the roadies journey here are some rare and unseen real life photos of Sonal Sharma with fellow roadies and her friends.

This is an exclusive off screen photo of Sonal with Suchit and Ramandeep spending some quality time.
Sonal with her friends enjoying in a party with a new hair style.

In this rare and unseen photo of Sonal, she is really looking beautiful and stunning. She adorned really fashionable outfit which we haven't seen her while she was on Roadies X.

Sonal in blue saaree in her Sir's engagement. She looks really good in traditional dress.

Sonal completed her journey in Roadies X and became part of few finalist among total 16 contestants selected but lost the finale task.
But we wish her all the best for her future and upcoming challenges.

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